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Costco's Bakery Just Launched a 'Light & Fluffy' New Bread

First spotted late last week, the new bakery item is already garnering buzz among Costco shoppers.
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From the beloved Country French Bread to its signature baguettes, Costco's bakery section is already chock full of loaves that shoppers adore. However, a new type of bread that just debuted at the retailer is already garnering some serious buzz among members.

This new Costco bakery item—a Multigrain Bread—was first spotted late last week by Laura Lamb, who runs the Costco fan account @costcohotfinds. The hearty loaves are made with sesame seeds, golden flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and oats, and boast a deep golden brown crust.

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Lamb raved about the bakery offering in an Instagram post on Feb. 24, describing the interior as "light and fluffy." Meanwhile, fellow Costco shoppers were also drooling over the loaves in the comments section on Lamb's post. 

"Yum! I'll have to check my local Costco for this!" one fan commented.

"Looks so good," another said.

To be clear, some commenters noted that their local Costco warehouses had already been selling Multigrain Bread loaves for some time. But the fact that it's reportedly arriving at other locations for the first time now indicates that the availability of the bakery item has been limited.

Costco is selling the loaves in two-packs that were priced at $7.99 at the warehouse where Lamb spotted them. But as with any other Costco bakery offering, prices could vary by location. Members hoping to try the Multigrain Bread for themselves should make sure to check directly with their local warehouse to confirm the cost and availability.

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The Multigrain Bread is only the latest in a series of exciting new bakery items that Costco has launched since the start of 2024. Earlier this month, the retailer introduced new Kirkland Signature White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies that immediately began racking up enamored reviews. 

"These were so soft that they literally melted in my hands, and let me tell you, it's hard to eat just one," Lamb said of the new bakery item in an earlier post.

In late January, Costco also launched a massive Cherry Topped Cheesecake that weighs nearly six pounds. The dessert features a sour cream layer, cheesecake filling, a sweet cherry topping, and a ring of white buttercream. Other new bakery items that have hit shelves at Costco since the start of the new year include a Triple Chocolate Cream Pie and Cookies 'N Cream Mini Cakes.

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