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The #1 Best Type of Exercise for Weight Loss

An expert shares the best form of exercise for weight loss to push your efforts in the right direction.

When you're spending time exercising, you want to make sure every moment you work out is as productive as possible. You need to know the #1 best type of exercise for weight loss in order to push your efforts in the right direction. We chatted with Josh York, the founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ, who breaks down the most effective exercise to work into your regimen, so listen up and read on to learn more. And when you're finished, be sure to check out I Tried 3 Pairs of Brooks Running Shoes & One Beats the Rest by a Mile.

What is the #1 best type of exercise for weight loss?

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Any and all exercise you work into your routine will help you progress, but as with everything, there's always one that trumps the rest. York tells us, "The number one best type of exercise for weight loss is high-intensity interval training. This kind of exercise is incredible as a comprehensive, full-body workout that will kick your whole body into high gear. HIIT will help you burn a lot of calories and target a variety of different muscle groups."

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If you're looking to lose weight, York stresses the importance of including resistance and weight training as well. This will work out your muscles and give you that "afterburn" effect. "What this means is that after you finish working out, the elevated oxygen levels across your body from a strenuous workout will prolong the amount of time that your body burns fat—this a key if your goal is to lose weight," York shares.

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How can you implement HIIT into your workouts?

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In order to work this form of training into your fitness routine, identify ways you can weave more intense movements into the exercises you already do. For example, York suggests, "If you tend to do stationary weight lifts with dumbbells or kettlebells, do a few burpees on the side in between each set. If running on a treadmill is more your speed and that high-intensity cardio work is your go-to, maybe put a few weights and resistance bands on the side."

Remember to break every few minutes and perform movements that engage different muscle groups. Consider setting a timer to remind yourself when it's time for HIIT. York tells us, "Even if just for a short time, pushing your body to fully engage and do something hard can push you into the fat-burning zone."

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