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Air Fryer Veggie Calzones

Giving store-bought pizza dough the air fryer treatment guarantees crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside calzones.
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Love pizza night, but want to switch it up? These air fryer calzones take all the fun toppings of pizza and secure them in a crisp, hand-held, delicious bundle. With the help of store-bought pizza dough (find it in the bakery section at the grocery store or ask your local pizza joint if they can sell you some), you can simply focus on the yummy fillings.

An air fryer's swift-moving air makes the outside of each pocket beautifully crisp, yet fluffy on the inside. No dry calzones here!

Pro tip: For best results, make sure you're not overfilling the calzones, and that the edges are crimped shut or they'll spring a leak.

Serves 4


2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup diced white onion
3 cups baby spinach leaves
Salt and pepper
2–3 large pieces jarred roasted red pepper, sliced
Fresh basil, chopped
1 lb whole wheat or regular pizza dough
1/2 cup marinara sauce, plus more for serving
2/3 cup hand-torn skim mozzarella cheese
1 large egg

How to Make It

  1. In a large pan over medium heat, heat the olive oil and onion. Cook for 5 minutes, until onions are fragrant and translucent. Add chopped baby spinach and cook, stirring occasionally, for 3 to 5 minutes until the spinach is wilted. Season with salt and pepper. Mix in the red peppers and basil, and transfer to a small bowl.
  2. Divide pizza dough into 8 pieces and roll each into a small round, about 1/4-inch thick or less. Fill the center of each round with a spoonful of marinara, the veggies, and a few pieces of mozzarella. Fold the round in half, crimping the edges with a fork so they're closed and a half-moon shape is formed.
  3. Whisk egg in a small bowl and brush on top of each calzone.
  4. Set the air fryer to 370°F, and place the calzones in the fryer basket in a single layer, working in batches if needed. Fry for about 10 minutes, flipping over halfway through. Calzones are done when golden brown. Serve with extra marinara sauce.

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