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5 Ways "Sister Wives" Star Lost 100 Pounds in 10 Months

"Sister Wives" stars Mykelti Brown Padron and husband Tony Padron opened up about their weight loss.
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Sister Wives star Tony Padron has lost almost 100 pounds in less than a year and is taking to social media to celebrate his hard work. In a recent Instagram post, the 28-year-old shared his weight loss journey and revealed how healthy lifestyle choices helped him get back on track. His wife Mykelti Brown Padron also explained how she went through the process with her husband and co-star and got her health back on track as well. "It was time to get healthy. We wanted something sustainable not just quick weight loss, but something that would last and keep us healthy in the long term." Here's a closer look at how Padron lost the weight and what health experts think.

He Believed in Consistency

Eating healthy here and there and hitting the gym every now and then isn't going to help anyone meet their fitness goals. It's important to be dedicated and consistent, which is what Padron was. "Just to drive the point home. Long-term consistency is the only way to true weight loss," he wrote.

What the Expert Says: Sports performance dietitian Destini Moody, RD, CSSD, LD, tells us, "Consistency is vital with weight loss for many reasons. The first is that it helps your weight loss to be reliable. For example, if you go from exercising regularly and eating well nearly every day to getting a bit sloppy with your eating and skipping a few too many gym sessions, weight loss will stall, and one is bound to get discouraged and give up. Secondly, when you are consistent with your diet, it does wonders for your hunger." She adds, "This is because the body's hunger hormones are much kinder when the body knows what to expect regarding feeding. If you skip meals or go over your calorie goal too often, the body becomes confused and signals the brain to be hungry at a time that's not convenient for your dieting plan. When you're consistent, however, the body's hunger hormones normalize and become used to eating fewer calories, making you feel less hungry and stick to your diet longer."

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He Tracked His Weight

It's normal for people not to weigh themselves for various reasons, but the slimmed-down reality star weighed himself and often tracked how much weight he lost. He wrote, "I remember at the beginning actually being worried and anxious about weighing myself. Worried that I wouldn't see any budge in weight difference." He also shared that he, "Worried that I would see too much progress and stop my new habits. I logged every time I stepped on the scale and made a graph of it. It's not a dramatic drop. Just a gradual slope downwards."

What the Expert Says: Moody states, "Tracking your weight is a way of tracking your progress. If you begin a diet and never weigh yourself during the journey, you'll never know if you are doing it right. However, by weighing oneself every week or every other week, you can adjust your calorie intake based on whether you are gaining or losing weight." 

He Took Supplements

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In his post, Padron mentions he took supplements to aid in his weight loss, but it's unclear what kind. 

What the Expert Says: According to Moody, "Though supplements are not mandatory for any wellness or weight loss journey, they can be helpful. As many know, you must eat fewer calories than your body needs to lose weight. However, this reduction in food intake also means a reduction in nutrient intake.  She adds, "So, I recommend people seeking weight loss begin a regimen of a multivitamin and omega-3s to fill those nutritional gaps while dieting to stay healthy. If you do not get enough nutrients because of a drastic decrease in food intake, it can cause deficiencies and a significant loss in energy, impacting your motivation and the effort you put forth in the gym."

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He Hit the Gym


Padron also said he went to the gym often but didn't share his exact routine. "Through making these long-term habits I've been able to sustain a healthier lifestyle. Taking the right supplements and keeping that gym life."

What the Expert Says: "Though exercise isn't the primary driver of weight loss (spoiler alert: a well-planned diet is the primary driver), exercising regularly can help with the calorie burn to make weight loss happen faster and potentially improve your aesthetic look when the journey is complete," says Moody. 

He Looked for Long-Term and Sustainable Weight Loss Solutions

It can be tempting to turn to the latest fad diet, but Padron wanted a long-term solution that provided lasting results. His wife wrote, "We've learned it's all about consistency, not focusing on the short-term goal, but the long-term goals. Results like Tony and I have had come with longevity not trying something just for a month or so."

What the Expert Says: "Fad diets often involve cutting out entire food groups, adhering to a crazy way of eating that ordinary people just don't do, or implementing diet rules that cause one to change their entire way of living and eating. Unfortunately, given that diets with strict guidelines can be challenging to follow, many people see the diet as something they have to "get through." Then what ends up happening is they lose the weight, pat themselves on the back and then go back to their typical way of eating, and the weight comes right back.  She adds, "The problem with fad diets is that they do not teach you anything about healthy eating or counsel you on building a sustainable diet around your lifestyle to maintain weight loss. You must find a pattern of eating that fits your lifestyle, schedule, food preferences, and cooking skill level so that you can keep the progress from all of the hard work you put in." 

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